Sites I Love

I discover all kinds of blogs and websites in the Reader, and especially like the gorgeous sites below. Check them out if you have a chance!

Food: Illustrated Bites is a colorful blog about food, with whimsical and playful illustrations.

Culture: Life in Russia documents one blogger’s experiences in Russia. Both the words and photography are engaging. Another sold pick is Broadside, a blog on culture, writing, and more by a longtime journalist who wrote for the New York Times.

Technology: The Frailest Thing explores everything from the internet, religion, sociology, memory, and philosophy. I’m drawn to this thinker’s intriguing ideas, particularly on the changes in our society in a digital age. Another site on internet culture I highly recommend? This one, hands down.

DIY: Prada For Breakfast is a favorite for art, fashion, and style in general. I just love the blog name, don’t you?

Photography: Without an H, the blog of photographer Jon Sanwell, captures stunning portraits and landscapes of daily life in Southeast Asia. I also can’t get enough of famous photographer Steve McCurry’s blog. Steve’s themed photo essays from scenes around the world are incredible.

Education: Classroom as Microcosm is one educator’s space on teaching college English, classroom management, and the ongoing discussion of teaching and learning.

Art: Global Art Junkie bursts with colorful, interesting curated content on art and design. A site full of eye candy for sure! Nah, this isn’t a blog, but I wanted to show love for my favorite place on the web!

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