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Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Lights are functional — everyday objects in our rooms and on our streets. Yet lights can be powerful symbols: signs of life, curiosity, and discovery. We’re interested in seeing what you come up with for illumination — particularly your creative interpretations and more abstract approaches.

— The Daily Post editorial team

I was really inspired by the latest photo challenge over at The Daily Post. Weekly Photo Challenge: Ilumination is all about lights. I’ve been practicing taking shots at night and enjoy photographing different types of lights and lamps, so this challenge excites me!

I really dig the look and effect of the tiled gallery, which I’ve used to compile my illumination shots below. I hope you like this collection!

Bit of Inspiration

Blogging can be a scary activity when we’re publishing something lighthearted; there are always elements of fear and uncertainty when we release our words into the wild. To write so openly and eloquently about such a deeply personal experience takes another level of bravery, one that we’re moved to acknowledge.

The Daily Post

Writing Challenge: Starting Over

I like the theme of this week’s creative writing challenge, Starting Over, which encourages us to muse freely about beginning again and wiping the slate clean. I appreciate the freedom to be creative and explore different forms. Since I rarely dabble in poetry and freeform writing, I’ll experiment here.

Starting Over: In Fragments

A new pair of shoes.

The first chapter of a book.

A new hardbound journal, waiting to be opened.

A neighborhood walk early in the morning with your loved one.

A haircut exposing the back of your neck for the first time in years.

An egg.

The first rays of the sun peeking over the horizon.

A jump off of a cliff.

starting over

Cala Tarida, Ibiza, Spain

A field of cherry blossom trees, on the cusp of exploding in shades of pink.

The first buds poking out of the dirt in your garden.

The glint on a ring as you hear the words “I do.”

Your newborn son, held for the first time.

A letter of apology sent to a friend.

A visit to a place from your childhood that forces you to remember something you’d forgotten.

A soft pillow beneath your head as you lie down to sleep.

A coffin lowered into the clasping earth.

The pain of finishing a draft and realizing it’s only the first.

A resignation letter handed in to your boss and a backpack in the trunk of your car.

A tank full of gasoline.

A shiny new WordPress blog.

An iOS app to post whenever you want, wherever you want.