Well, here it is! My About page. The official welcome mat of this blog — my online home.

I’ll skip the boring stuff — do you really want to hear about where I went to school, where I’ve worked, or even where I’m from? Not to say that those details of my past aren’t important, but I prefer to look forward. To see what’s next, where I can go, and how I will get there — and capture this journey, too!

TracksWhen I’m not working at home, I guess you can call me a learner and wanderer: I explore the world. I document my experiences with words and images. I take photographs and videos when I’m out and about and share them with others — with you — right here on my blog.

I’m also always open to ways to improve my craft and stay motivated. A lapse in inspiration is the worst! If you follow me, you’ll see I participate in writing and photography challenges at The Daily Post, a blog dedicated to the art and craft of blogging. I love WordPress and its community, and love that I can be connected to it all the time, even when I’m on the go.

Thanks for poking around on my blog! Feel free to follow along on my adventures. I hope the world inspires you to create and share, too.

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